Can you help my Crosspoint Latch 6112?

this is a page for folks on the VIDPRO mailing list, or anyone else who could help with getting this Crosspoint Latch 6112 Video Production Switcher up and running for a noncommercial project. of course, there's a chance it won't work right at all, so i'd like to figure out ASAP if this is worth keeping. any urgency in response would be greatly appreciated!

here's the basic setup. i realized early on that this needs an external sync, so i ran a Hotronic AP-41 TBC in to the SYNC port (it wouldn't output anything unless i did). this is the bulk of my question: do i have things set up right? does anything pop out to you as "wrong?"

if i don't have anything blatantly wrong with my setup, then that might be an indicator that the 6112 is totally screwed and i should jump ship.

incidentally, the freaky video pictures to follow still occur without the VCP hooked up.
to refresh your memory, here are some pictures of the 6112.

the input panel

termination on the SYNC input doesn't seem to affect anything. the "BLANKING PROCESSOR" switch doesn't seem to affect anything, either.
crosspoint latch 6112 back input panel
the control surface/panel, left and right crosspoint latch 6112 control surface
crosspoint latch 6112 control surface
the guide to the internal boards

i tweaked a couple of pots that looked like they were off the factory paint mark, but that did very little (and nothing useful).
crosspoint latch 6112 internal board guide
since pictures tell a thousand words, here's how the video output looks (your number of words may vary).

here's the worst of the video, when the timing seems excessively bad. this is from the video camera, trained on some cactus outside.
more bad video, this time from the VCP. bad-video-2.JPG
still more bad video. this is in the middle of crossfading between the camera and the VCP (playing "South Park"). the incredibly freakish video makes the timing problems very apparent.

this shows what does work, though: mixing. i've also toyed with the wipes, including positioning and modulation, and those appear to work. the solid color generator doesn't seem to work, but it will put out a stable black.

do i simply have too few TBCs? am i screwed without a TBC for every source?
showing an input with nothing hooked up. maybe this can tell you something? no-video.JPG
here's clear video, but with a huge bar and obviously wacky v-sync. that bar will move from left to right; when it gets off screen the video jumps and scrambles until the line reappears at the left. vert-bar-3.JPG
here's some of the clearest that video will appear. the vertical line, though much less intrusive than in the previous frame, acts the same way - left to right, scrambles when off-screen.

the video passed through the Hotronic AP-41 TBC acts very strangely with the "Bypass" button. sometimes the video will be incredibly dark and scrambled if the bypass is OFF. with the bypass ON, it may appear clear, but with the faint dark distortion in the first picture here.

however, right now as i type, the 6112 is actually passing clear video from the cam! (no pictures, no need.) the bypass is OFF (full processing by the AP-41); if i turn the bypass ON, the dark lines reappear. if i attempt to mix video from the VCP it gets all freaky again (out of sync, i'd imagine). the VCP video is still off-sync.
well, thank you for taking the time to look this over. i'm hoping that in a couple of days i can figure out if this is worth keeping. ultimately, i know these are timing issues that may be all the fault of the 6112, or it could be that i need a TBC for everything. neither of those possibilities are appealing, since i have limited time and a limited budget (in other words, i want to find out if i should try to return this 6112).