From: Emilio Gonzalez 
Subject: 5-16-00 - 08:13 - cologne, germany

(christ, i hate having to re-write letters) 

i took the train from the netherlands to germany today, right from amsterdam to
cologne (koln), where i'm staying in the station backpacker's hostel. i'm
anticipating seeing more of germany, considering i've basically seen just the
view from the train and the couple of blocks between the station and the hostel.
world trotter, no doubt.

(my vans disappeared at a hostel in amsterdam. they were just getting broken in.)

the first thing that greets you when you step from the front of the cologne
central station is a massive gothic cathedrals. you know, one of those deals
planned by some cardinal to get in good with the big guy/gal upstairs that took x
many centuries and x many lives to build - it looks incredible. i'll be walking
around the city today, checking out some of the museums and churches, along with
some of the more interesting building. modern german architechture, especially
postwar, seems to be this futuristic feel; sharp lines, glass and steel, pop my
breakfast pill and hop onto the moving walkway to work, dear. 

(i lost my favorite black tshirt. it fit well.) 

until next time (perhaps this evening)