From: Emilio Gonzalez 
Subject: 5.26.00 - 11:05 - munich, germany

i finally got up to ingolstadt yesterday for the audi factory tour, about an hour
north of munich by train (probably a /lot/ less if i were able to rent a car...).
for the second smallest auto maker in germany (second only to porsche) they have
a massive factory, all synchronized and automated, robots functioning an a ballet
of galvanized steel and the flash of welds. they didn't allow pictures, though
(sorry, alden). for those of you familiar with the product line, i saw the
production of A3 and S3's and the finishing of TT's (bulk of TT production is in
hungary). seeing an S8 in the steel, so to speak, was a religious experience. i
think god (or karl marx) is taunting me every time i see an s audi on the street.

the day before yesterday i took another mike's bike tour, this time around
munich. we rode on shiny new schwinn cruisers with big, comfy seats and wide
handlebars. we were taken around central munich, looking at various historical
buildings and other sights, an excellent way to see the city with some very cool

(i saw an audi s6 on the bike tour. )

today, continuing my german manufacturer tour, i'll be going to the bmw museum
here in munich, along with the technology musuem or royal musem. tomorrow, if i
work things out correctly, i'll be going down to obersdorf and then on to
switzerland, saying goodbye to germany until i return, this time to berlin,
sometime mid-june.

love and twin turbo v6'es that hit max torque at 1850 rpm