Who am I? I'm the guy you saw on the first page. But that's pretty obvious.

I suppose I could ramble on about my taste in music or other forms of entertainment, like I've done in the past if you've ever seen one of my previous homepages, but I guess we all grow up, no?

All you need to know is that I have friends, I go out, I kick back, I like listening to music and watching movies, I go to concerts, I play computer games, I occasionally do something illegal, all your pretty standard 90's geek type stuff.

A pretty big chunk of my life is, obviously, computers and various other tech-geek stuff. I hang out online, I have friends online, and I've met people in real life that I met first online. I love the Internet. I enjoy fiddling around and making interesting things with graphics applications, HTML, 3D, sounds, anything. It passes the time.

As for hanging out online, I went through my AOL phase, but i eventually wised up and got a real ISP. IRC was fun, but chaotic. However, I have found my place, and it's Zippo.
Zippo is a CU-SeeMe video conferencing reflector and, much more importantly, an online community. There really isn't a theme or charachter to Zippo. It's just mostly good people having interesting, funny, deep, superficial, and real conversation. Zippo ebbs and rises, but I'll always be faithful. Drop by and say hi, tell 'em Slurpee sent you.
If you're interested, the IP for Zippo is, but you'll need CU-SeeMe to go there.

You know, there is plenty more. I could ramble on about things you probably don't care about. But I won't.

There is however, one more thing. Read about The Gear.